ayyA unique piece of artwork painted for you makes a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one. For some people this might be a favourite person, pet or place. A painting can capture the spirit of these things in a way that photographs just can’t and no one artist will ever render the subject quite like another.

If you like my work and want me to do some painting for you it is very simple. Just use my contact details and let me know what your idea is. There are some examples of commissioned work on this website but there have been many more that are not shown here.

Before I start work on the commission we will discuss the price. Generally for an acrylic or oil painting of about A3 size it will cost in the region of £150 -190. I work on canvases that can be hung directly on the wall. For watercolour or pastel drawings you may need to factor in mounting and framing which I can arrange on your behalf or you can undertake yourself. Larger or particularly complex projects will be more expensive and this will be based on the amount of time taken and materials required. When we are both happy with the guidelines I will get to work.

If it is a portrait of an animal I like to work from photographs. Ideally I will take the photos myself and actually meet the subject so I can learn about their personality and how they move. If this isn’t possible I can work from very clear photos provided by you.

For human subjects I can work from life or photos or a mixture of the two.

If you want something else, such as book or card illustrations, nursery designs or painted furniture/pottery in my syle just get in touch. I have done a wide variety of work and I am happy to work with you to realize your ideas.