Latest portrait commission


Delighted to be asked to do a portrait of this lovely young woman. Happily it passed her approval :-)


Does a painted portrait have a longer ‘shelf life’ than a photograph?  Given that it is a much longer process, and more subjective, what does this traditional art form still have to offer in the present day, when so many young people are taking selfies regularly on their devices and forgetting them hours later? Discuss!

Just reached the half way stage!

I have just been reminded that it has been a while since I last published a blog!  Where has the time gone?!

Well, alongside a busy term of teaching and a series of trips over the summer I have been busy in the studio and today finished the 25th portrait in my series of 50.

Here is a quick view of the latest faces…


Here’s Hilary. Love her or loathe her she is the best chance America has of keeping Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.  Just as I thought this was going to be the next political highlight we were rocked at home in the UK by the Referendum result.  Suddenly the Britain we knew had decided to change its relationship to the world and our PM had resigned.

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Family connections



After painting Donald Trump (who I strategically placed at number 13 of 50) I felt the need to cleanse my sensitive artist’s soul by painting someone totally different.  I sought (and achieved) solace from painting my beautiful children, Felix (above) and Harry (below).


Definitely feeling a lot better now.


If you would like a set of family portraits please get in touch for a quote.