oamlyyaSarah Seymour is an artist living and working in Caversham, Berkshire. Although she avoided doing art at school she couldn’t avoid being raised surrounded by art and design as her father was a self-employed interior and graphic designer. Along with her family she developed a condition whereby she could not pass a gallery without having to go in and inspect every piece of artwork inside.

After initially training and working as a secondary English teacher she took a year out to travel the world, taking a sketchbook with her and retuned with several books bursting with sketches from across the globe. She was immediately given a free place on a foundation art course which she passed with distinction in every area and gained a place at Manchester Metropolitan University to study illustration.

However being a wholly independent learner and realizing that this independence was the primary goal of the course (and of many others) she avoided debt by leaving it to raise a family and developed a private business selling portraits and teaching music.

She now works full time as an artist and musician, exhibiting her paintings in her home gallery, on art trails and via social media.

What she particularly enjoys is commissions for portraits of animals, people and their homes as this creates a challenge and sense of discovery. Another great love is painting while travelling. This year she took her family to Cornwall and produced a series of paintings inspired by the countryside around Penzance. In November she will be working on a new series in Stockholm for which she will be producing a blog you that you will be able to read on this site. A third stream is quirky illustrations for greetings cards, often trialed on social media first to judge public response and amuse her friends. For more details and updates see below.